landscape edging

Expertise – C.E. Landscaping Inc. has been in the landscaping business since 2007, and edging and borders are the secrets to turning lawns into sculptures! Given our years in business, it is no wonder that our staff landscapers are experts in creating masterpiece borders and edges. C.E. Landscaping Inc. edging service includes:

  • Evaluation of the lawn care area
  • Mowing of the yard
  • Edging the perimeters of the lawn, sidewalks, walkways, etc.
  • Removal yard waste
  • Cleanup of the walkways and sidewalks around the edging area

Custom – C.E. Landscaping Inc. offers custom edging services to customers. Some clients prefer a small amount of edging performed while others have large edging jobs which must be completed. The C.E. Landscaping Inc. staff will edge your yard on your desired schedule as well.

Competitive  – Edging services are also reasonable in cost when you choose C.E. Landscaping Inc. to perform these services for you. We know that homeowners and business owners have other expenses to consider and don’t want to pay a lot for edging services, nor should they have to. Affordable edging services can be yours when you choose C.E. Landscaping Inc. to edge your yard. Should you need other lawn care services completed, our staff can perform these tasks as well, also with your set budget in mind.

Spring Clean Up


Full Service – Spring cleanup is a big job and you want to select a company which offers full service options. C.E. Landscaping Inc., in the landscaping business since 2007, is a full service company which offers spring cleanup services which are inclusive in nature. Our staff will perform various spring cleanup services, including the following:

  • Leaf removal
  • Pickup debris, such as branches and any trash
  • Fertilizing (we use licensed subcontractors when required)
  • Weeding
  • Flower planting
  • Mulching

And much more…

Affordable – The spring cleanup services offered by C.E. Landscaping Inc. are also affordable. Many clients operate on a budget and have no problem choosing our services to fit within their budgets. The spring cleanup service offerings are priced right and enable clients to afford necessary upkeep of their lawns and gardens.

Efficient Service – C.E. Landscaping Inc. also provides spring cleanup service which is efficient all the way around. When you hire a spring cleanup company to maintain and spruce up your yard and gardens, you deserve for the finished product to meet with your approval. C.E. Landscaping Inc. won’t stop until the job is finished and is completed to your liking.