lawn mowing

Regular mowing of the lawn and general upkeep not only keeps your home and yard looking its best, but also adds value to your home and neighborhood. If you want your lawn looking neat and well kept, but you don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself, C.E Landscaping Inc can do it for you.

Our reputable company offers you many landscaping services for your residence or your business at reasonable prices, and on your schedule. We are a full maintenance landscaping company offering landscaping to fit every aspect of your home and keep it in a beautiful, well kept condition.

We are efficient in what we do, with our lawn mowing services tailored to your unique property. We honor your mowing requests and preferences, and we edge the lawn to give it a neat and sculpted appearance. Our landscaping professionals mow lawns of all shapes and sizes, and we get it done right the first time, every time.

We offer competitive pricing to fit your budget. Our team of professionals will not only have your home or business looking the best in the neighborhood, but we do it at reasonable and competitive rates.

Lawn mowing is an endless chore, but needs to be done. Go enjoy your summer. Let us do the mowing for you!