Landscape Design

landscape design

Landscape Design

A skilfully landscaped lawn can turn your yard into a beautiful paradise where you and your family can retreat to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Enlisting the services of professional landscape design specialists can help create a stunning landscape and help maintain it once the project is complete.

Enlisting the services of professional landscape designers has several benefits including:

  • Achieving the right balance and harmony- Landscape design specialists know the right kind of plants and materials to use to create your garden balance and harmony.
  • Improved quality of life through improved privacy, the tranquilly and peace the yard provokes and a haven to escape to unwind from life stresses
  • Cut down on costs- Planting shrubs and plants strategically can provide shade for outdoor conditioning thereby reducing energy needed to cool your home
  • Increase the value of a home- A beautifully landscaped yard can increase a home’s resale value. One of the best ways to make your home attractive to potential buyers is to have it professionally landscaped
  • Increase your home privacy- Trees, shrubs and plants can keep your home secluded and protected from the public. Professional landscaping can turn your yard into eye candy while keeping noise away from your home

If you choose to beautify your yard, you may not be able to match up to a professional landscape designer. Save yourself money and time of having to do the tedious job and choose a professional to do the job for you.

Landscape Construction


The landscape construction services offered by C.E Landscaping

Landscape Construction is a term which generalizes all installations intended to improve the visual appeal of a home’s exterior. Non-living installations like stone pavements, fencing, patios and decks are referred to as hardscapes while softscapes are installations which involve plants and other organic materials. At C.E Landscaping, we offer these installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Below are some of the benefits you gain by hiring us.

Reputable Services

We have been in the business since 2007 in which time we have strived to offer the best. Currently, most of the new clients we get are referred to us by people we have worked for before. A good reputation means that almost all of our clients get content with our services. We have contact references and testimonials to reassure our customers that quality is so important to us and we never compromise.


We offer all imaginable service which relate to landscaping and make sure all our projects are completed in time. As our client, we will never want to inconvenience you by making delays and hence request that you detail all your plans and expectations before a project is undertaken.


With the current economic status, all people want to do is save. At C.E landscaping we understand the pressures life has on people these days and therefore price our services reasonably. When you request for a quote, a team of professional landscapers will discuss the details of the project with you in a quest to ensure that you see exactly what you dreamt of after completion.


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Hardscape: An Integral Part of Your Garden

The non-living elements of a landscape like walls, patios, gazebos and walkways constitute the hardscape. Hardscape elements are one of the first things plugged into the landscape based on the lay of the land, natural landscape and surrounding environment. No matter if it is a small patch of land or a sprawling country estate, it is the arrangement of the hardscape elements that creates an aesthetically pleasing look.

Pathways are one of the first hardscape elements to be installed as they determine how the garden flows across the landscape and people’s interaction with the environment. Pathways may be made using crushed gravel, woodchips, brick or any other material.

Hardscape elements are usually fixed and permanent and may at times be there before you install your garden like those large boulders that are impossible to move. Sometimes, your garden may be designed around hardscape features like fountains or some outdoor sculpture. A well designed garden is one where your hardscape and softscape elements complement each other without any clashing or competition for attention.


power-rake dethatcher 300x249

Advantages of Dethatching

Dethatching is the process of removing the layer of dead or dying roots and leaves that form under the layer of green grass. Thatch is part of the natural growing process and keeps the lawn healthy by preventing water loss, cushioning the soil and decreasing compaction and improving turf tolerance to traffic. However, the thatch could grow too thick and become a wedge between the grass and the soil which eventually prevents proper water absorption, blocks the sunlight from reaching the grass blades, keeps the underlying layer moist and fostering fungus growth and creates a uneven lawn that is difficult to mow or scalp.

You need to dethatch if you want to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. Work with us to take advantage of our professional dethatching services that includes expert diagnoses of whether or not you need to dethatch with professional inspection procedures, complete dethatching q procedures as well as repeat services as necessary.

Commercial Landscaping

A commercial building with landscaping at the front entrance.

What Is Commercial Landscaping? Commercial Landscaping is the professional modification of the visible features of a particular piece of land so as to give it a more beautiful and appealing appearance. These features include:

  • Natural elements such as water bodies, landforms, or terrain shape & elevation.
  • Artificial elements such buildings, fences or any other material objects that were installed by man.
  • Living elements such as flora. This is regularly called gardening and it refers to the art of growing plants so as to create a beautiful environment in the landscape.
  • Intangible elements such as lighting and weather conditions.
  • Commercial Landscaping is carried out by experts in science and artistic designing. These experts have to study and observe the land so as to fully understand it. After understanding the land, the Landscaping contractor makes a rough design and layout of what can be done on the land so as to achieve the preferred outcome. Some Landscaping projects require the use of bull dozers, lawnmowers or chainsaws while others are just natural.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

  • It improves the area’s physical attraction.
  • Demonstrates the company or individual’s care for the environment (eco-friendliness).
  • The better working place that is created increases productivity.
  • And many others.