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Advantages of Dethatching

Dethatching is the process of removing the layer of dead or dying roots and leaves that form under the layer of green grass. Thatch is part of the natural growing process and keeps the lawn healthy by preventing water loss, cushioning the soil and decreasing compaction and improving turf tolerance to traffic. However, the thatch could grow too thick and become a wedge between the grass and the soil which eventually prevents proper water absorption, blocks the sunlight from reaching the grass blades, keeps the underlying layer moist and fostering fungus growth and creates a uneven lawn that is difficult to mow or scalp.

You need to dethatch if you want to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. Work with us to take advantage of our professional dethatching services that includes expert diagnoses of whether or not you need to dethatch with professional inspection procedures, complete dethatching q procedures as well as repeat services as necessary.

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