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Hardscape: An Integral Part of Your Garden

The non-living elements of a landscape like walls, patios, gazebos and walkways constitute the hardscape. Hardscape elements are one of the first things plugged into the landscape based on the lay of the land, natural landscape and surrounding environment. No matter if it is a small patch of land or a sprawling country estate, it is the arrangement of the hardscape elements that creates an aesthetically pleasing look.

Pathways are one of the first hardscape elements to be installed as they determine how the garden flows across the landscape and people’s interaction with the environment. Pathways may be made using crushed gravel, woodchips, brick or any other material.

Hardscape elements are usually fixed and permanent and may at times be there before you install your garden like those large boulders that are impossible to move. Sometimes, your garden may be designed around hardscape features like fountains or some outdoor sculpture. A well designed garden is one where your hardscape and softscape elements complement each other without any clashing or competition for attention.

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